Friday, March 18, 2011

Blogger's Day Of Silence For Japan

We are participating in the blogger's day of silence for Japan. We are well aware of the fact that having a blogging day of silence doesn't help Japan, but we also know that it brings awareness and realization to how extreme this truly is. Take a moment to pray for those in Japan, donate here if you are able to.
We love you Japan and we are praying for you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Babymoon Day Getaway

This mama and daddy need a little getaway from it all before Bellamy arrives!!

We can’t afford to take a vacation right now,
as we have to save every penny we can because my maternity leave is unpaid.
We thought it was a good plan to stay within the state since
I will in my 3rd trimester the weekend we are going to get away.

Whats a soon to be set of parents to do on a tiny budget and only a weekend to do?
Well, leaving this decision up to the pregnant woman made things easy!!
The trip has to include good food and having just watched one of our favorite shows on the DVR last night…
Diners, Drive-In’s, & Dives
I thought it was a good idea to see if I couldn’t find a list of some of the places in
Ohio that have been on the show.

You ask, where might you find that info?
Well, all you have to do is go to Flavor Town!! Duh!!

All of the restaurants that Guy visited were in Cleveland except one, which was in Natty, so
Cleveland here we come!

We are going to make the 2 hour trip north

And have a little breakfast at the Lucky's Café
Lucky's Cafe

Then we are going to the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame
For the afternoon

Then Dinner at Melt
Gourmet Grilled Cheese At Melt
OMG!! I cannot wait to eat one of their gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches!!

Then we will be heading home with full bellies and hopefully relaxed from our little day trip!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quit It!!

Not much gets to me that bad. Really, I swear. Except when I'm pregnant, maybe. Thankfully I'm married to man that is very, very laid back and brings me down to earth when I get super annoyed. But, I still have my pet know - like people snapping their gum, bad drivers, people who litter, pessimism...

But, if there's a pet peeve of mine that drives me nuttso it's the gym. Yes, the gym. Pretty much the whole place. From the smell to the dirty carpet. As a couple, we pay $34 a month...I'm seriously not expecting that much.

You know I'm not a mean person, right, but this crap gets to me. I kinda think about my time at the gym as a little getaway - no phone, no kids, no work, etc. It's definitely a miracle I make it there 3 or 4 times a week with this top 10 list of things that put me close to the edge when I'm on the treadmill:

10. The chatty Kathy's...I get it that it's fun to work out with a buddy, but quit talking so dang loud the ENTIRE time you work out together.

9. The smell...ewww, totally ewwwwwwwww.

8. Those that probably think "I'm important and yes, I absolutely need to take this phone call on my Bluetooth while I'm out of breath on the eliptical."

7. Squeakers...that's what I like to call those that drag their feet while running or walking on the treadmill...pick up your feet people!

6. The gym rats that need to get a life. Wow...this is sounding mean :)

5. The smell...yeah, I hate it that much.

4. Fashion police...the gals that clearly spend WAY too much time getting ready to come to the gym! Perfect example - yesterday a girl wearing a zebra print push up bra, low, low cut tank, hat, tight black pants, lots of makeup...yep the whole deal. That's too much work on top of the workout if you ask me!

3. Germies. I hate germs and if you've just spent 45 minutes dripping salty sweat from your pores, please be considerate and clean the stupid machine!

2. What's that smell?? Ewwww again. Those that think they can get away with letting 'er rip and not taking the blame. Nothing is nastier than having to take deep breaths of that crap as my heart is pounding. Yuck!

1. The grunters. I know what it sounds like to give birth drug free. It's crazy...there are way too many men in the gym trying to imitate labor sounds as they morph into the beefcakes they desire to be.

Ahhhh, that feels better. Off to the gym I go!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

5 Must Haves For Spring!

I’ll be honest; I’m probably one of the few women out there that can’t stand to go shopping.  When I have t o pick up a gift for a bridal or baby shower I cringe at the fact of having to head to the mall.

The mall is just not for me.

However, I love, love, love to surf the web and if everything could be bought online with no worries of it not fitting or if shipping were free, I’d be in heaven!

With Spring being just around the corner (no joke, it actually is!) I wanted to share with you some of the fun finds I’ve found that I would love to indulge myself with.

Some are pricey but that’s what makes “window” shopping fun. 

A girl can dream can’t she?

And when I’m making the big bucks as a nurse (Ha!), maybe I will get the chance to enjoy some of these items! 

I fell in love with these boots the moment I laid eyes on them (the color as well).  They would be perfect for tromping around in the garden and for a casual dinner out with some cute jeans!


But at $125 I think I'm going to have to stick with my pair from Target. 

How about a nice raincoat to go with the new boots?

This one is a bit more reasonable at $69!

I just love the neck line and the fact that it's not that shiny plastic stuff from my childhood!

Do you plant veggies?  Well Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about what you're going to plant.  If you plant seeds like me March is when you should start them inside.

This book, at only $11, is perfect for learning what plants thrive in Ohio temps. and when to plant each type of plant.

(Did you know you can grow beets when it's cold?) 

Not from Ohio, well there are plently of books out there for all states!

And how about this bag?

I would love to sport this bag around for Spring but at $1250 I think I'm going to have to keep dreaming!

Isn't it just delicious though?

Okay, let's be a little more realistic!

This cute bag comes from one of my favorite Etsy shops, TippyThai.

I purchased a bag from her last fall and let me tell you I'm about to order this one for Spring/Summer!

It's only $32!

Can't beat that!!!

I love this one too...


Finally another Etsy find.

I've recently fallen in love (man I love a lot of things) with hair clips.  My hair is rather short so some say I can pull it off.

This one just screams Spring!!!


So what are eyeing for Spring???