Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finding My Balance

Like many, I struggle with finding a balance in my life. I have spent the last year trying t find it among working full time as a caseworker, family time, growing my wine light business, struggling through infertility (and concurring it!!), maintaining friendships and giving back to others and the community. As many of you know it isn’t easy! Even when trying to focus on one task you are less then 100% because you are concerned about dropping one of the other balls you are trying to juggle. We all do it in one way or another.

While trying to organize and get the house ready for baby girl Sommer who arrives in just 21 weeks (OMG!!), I realized that in the past year or so, I completely let my house go! It was a mess, nothing was where it is suppose to be! So, now with the help of my mom and husband we are slowly going through every room, closet,  drawer, nook and cranny and donating what we don’t use anymore, organizing, simplifying, and putting some items aside for a garage sale in May. It is a huge task, but I think once it is completed our home life will be balanced!
If any of you have found the secret to finding balance, please share! The only answer that seems to come to me, is ‘forgiveness’. Forgiving yourself for not being perfect and for not being able to do it all seems to me to be the only way to survive the balance struggle.

What are your thoughts on finding balance?

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  1. It's a constant struggle to find the time to do all the things you want to do. And I usually have plans to tackle some cleaning each week, and then bag it in exchange for going to the gym, making a home cooked meal, or just hanging on the couch with my kitties(one of whom is 15+ and I cherish my time with her). It's great you have people helping you get everything in order. this blog. What a great way to keep in touch with your Beta Mu sisters!!!! AOT!